2022 Victoria 100 Years of Memory: BC Historical Federation conference coming to Victoria

100 Years of Memory: BC Historical Federation conference coming to Victoria

The British Columbia Historical Federation is celebrating its centennial in Victoria where an inaugural meeting was held in 1922. Co-hosted by the Victoria Historical Society, the conference will probe how we remember B.C. history:  What does it mean to remember historic events and people in today’s world; whose memories are captured and preserved; how do they inform the stories we tell and share?

BCHF president Shannon Bettles says it’s the right time to pose these questions.  “Historical societies and heritage organizations in the province are undergoing change as they work to reflect modern values and represent diverse stories. We invite people from across the province to participate.” 

Victoria Historical Society council member John Lutz is excited to be part of this online conference. “The centenary of any provincial organization is worth celebrating. All the more when that society is dedicated to remembering the past. The Victoria Historical Society is delighted to co-host the 100th Anniversary Conference.”   A fascinating range of speakers will tackle the concept of “memory.”

Keith Thor Carlson (University of the Fraser Valley) History as a tool for reconciliation between Indigenous people and non-Indigenous Canadian society.Tzu-I Chung (Curator at Royal BC Museum & Archives) A Tale of Two Intercultural Families.

Tom Bown ( Royal British Columbia Museum)  What lies beneath our feet? When the written word does not exist, what role do objects have in telling the history of marginalized populations in BC?

Scott Sheffield (University of the Fraser Valley) British Columbia’s Second World War: In History and Memory.

Chad Reimer (Author & historian) BC Historical Federation at the crossroads; recognizing its colonial past and remaking the organization for the future.

Kelly Black (Friends of the B.C. Archives) Reflections on government support for public history.

Nicole Kilburn (Camosun College) A photo taken, a memory preserved; the material act of remembering.

Jordan Stanger-Ross (Landscapes of Injustice, University of Victoria) A new perspective on the uprooting and dispossession of Japanese Canadians.

Genevieve Weber (BC Archives) Helping Indigenous communities access residential school records.

Lorne Hammond (Royal BC Museum & Archives) How an object’s meaning can change as interpretations of BC history evolve.

Virtual Field Trip with John Adams (Discover the Past) What was happening in Victoria 100 years ago when the BC Historical Federation’s predecessor formed?

Full conference schedule & registration, visit: https://www.bchistory.ca/conference/