Historical Writing Competition 1998 – Bridge, Kathryn

1998 – Bridge, Kathryn

By snowshoe, buckboard and steamer: Women of the frontierBridge, K. (1998). By snowshoe, buckboard and steamer: Women of the frontier. Victoria, B.C.: Sono Nis Press.

The lives of four pioneer women in nineteenth-century British Columbia come alive in this rich historical biography. Florence Agassiz, Eleanor Fellows, Violet Sillitoe, and Helen Kate Woods lived and travelled throughout British Columbia in the nineteenth century and left detailed accounts of their adventures in journals, letter, and sketches. Kathryn Bridge has incorporated these rare sources in her historical narrative, which reveals the enormous courage, determination and compassion of these pioneering women. Bridge’s meticulous research and engaging writing style will transport you to an era when dreams were chased by snowshoe, buckboard, and steamer.