Historical Writing Competition 1999 – D’Acres, Lilia and Donald Luxton

1999 – D’Acres, Lilia and Donald Luxton

Lions GateD’Acres, Lilia and Donald Luxton. (1999). Lions Gate. Burnaby, B.C.: Talonbooks.

In addition to celebrating this bridge and its grand design,Lions Gate sets out to reveal these stories for the first time: the colonial ambitions of the British Empire stretched to its westernmost margin; the unresolved violation of nationhood the building of the bridge on native land entailed; the backroom political power the railroad barons continued to hold in the Canadian government long after their railroad was completed; the origins of the newly private, global empire building of the “new’ British peerage; and the strange phenomenon and circumstance of such a huge commercial enterprise being mounted in the midst of the “dirty thirties.”