BCHF News A Bridge To Somewhere

A Bridge To Somewhere

Selkirk College student Grady Robertson uncovers the stories behind three important bridges that linked people, development and dreams in the West Kootenay region. BC Historical Federation’s Greg Nesteroff is one of the local historians featured in this 22 minute film.

Grady describes his film this way: “The history of the Kootenay River region can be articulated simply by following the bridges. From the bustling streets of Nelson, early Doukhobor settlements in Brilliant, to the shores of Taghum and beyond, these structures have played a key role in the development of the area – connecting people from past to present. The combination of raw, natural beauty and rich industrial history found in the region is both fascinating and aesthetically powerful. This film highlights that contrasting relationship, weaving together the unique stories of how these bridges were built, the key figures behind their construction, and the communities that they directly influenced.”

To watch A Bridge To Somewhere follow the Youtube link HERE.