Advocacy Committee

The BCHF Advocacy Committee was created in 2014. The group’s vision is to advocate for the cause of inspiring, promoting, supporting and encouraging engagement in the preservation, publication and research of British Columbia history.


The Advocacy Committee’s first project-based initiative was to provide the concept and momentum behind the BCHF’s 2017 Step Up for History provincial election outreach campaign.


If you are interested in working with us on advocacy issues, please contact

Committee members:

Mark Forsythe
Michael Gibbs
Jane Watt
Brenda Smith
Diane Rogers

The Advocacy Committee is a standing committee of the BCHF that consists of a minimum of two BCHF members and at least one BCHF council member who will serve as committee Chair. The committee will meet at least quarterly either in person, by telephone or other electronic means. The terms of reference will be reviewed on a yearly basis.

  1. To highlight stories of BCHF members.
  2. To undertake and conduct research and statistics, and projects that support advocacy initiatives.
  3. To make recommendations for position papers to the BCHF council.
  4. To hold workshops and/or events related to advocacy initiatives.
  5. To broadly identify history and heritage issues affecting BCHF members provincially and to make recommendations for action to BCHF council.
  1. To develop an annual advocacy action plan.
  2. To develop advocacy campaigns.
  3. To identify strategic partnerships.
  4. To cultivate relationships with elected officials, policy makers and community leaders.
  5. To provide a yearly report at the BCHF AGM.