2022 Victoria BCHF annual general meeting set for June 4

BCHF annual general meeting set for June 4

Notice to members that the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the BCHF is taking place on Saturday, June 4, from 9-10am via teleconference.

As per the BCHF bylaws, all members of the Federation are entitled to attend and take part in discussions at general meetings. Voting at any general meeting of the Federation shall be by:

  1. each member of Council in attendance,
  2. voting delegates accredited by Member societies – one (1) delegate for each ten (10), or part thereof, paidup members and
  3. one voting delegate accredited by each Affiliated Member or Corporate Member.

Secretaries of Member Societies shall forward a list of voting delegates to the Federation Secretary at least ten days prior to the Annual General Meeting in order to determine the list of voting delegates. Please send to: secretary@bchistory.ca. 

To register for the AGM, email our secretary, or complete the registration online here (there is an option to attend the AGM only, no charge).