Anne and Philip Yandle Best Article Award

Each year, the British Columbia Historical Federation offers a certificate and cash prize ($250) to the author of an article published in British Columbia History that best enhances knowledge of the history of British Columbia and provides enjoyable reading. Judging is based upon subject development, writing skill, freshness of material, and its appeal to a general readership interested in all aspects of the history of the province.

To be eligible: The article must have appeared in British Columbia History, the magazine of the British Columbia Historical Federation during the selection year. The article must have not have been published in previous editions of British Columbia History magazine.
Notice of the winning article will be posted in the British Columbia Historical Federation’s publications.
Judges consider all articles published in British Columbia History that year and issue the Anne and Philip Yandle Best Article award.

Selection Process

All articles published in British Columbia History magazine for the selection year are read by a panel of volunteer readers as a subsection of the Recognition Committee. The readers awards points to the articles based on the selection criteria. The top three articles with the most points are then voted on by the Recognition Committee readers to identify a winner.

Criteria for selection

  • The article enhances and/or advances knowledge of the history of British Columbia.
  • The article is original and innovative.
  • The article is clear and effective in writing style and presentation.
  • The article is based on historical evidence and sound research, and includes appropriate citations, credits and acknowledgements.
  • The article is interesting.

Philip Yandle was the founder, editor, publisher, printer, binder, and distributor of the B.C. Historical News from 1968 to 1977. His wife Anne Yandle was also very active in B.C. Historical News for almost forty years and served as the book reviews editor until the year in which she died. In 2007, the British Columbia Historical Federation renamed its Best Article Award Award in honour of Anne and Philip Yandle.

  • 2017 Rika Ruebsaat, “BC History Through Song”, British Columbia History, 50: 2 (Summer 2017)
  • 2016 Sidney Allinson, “A Petticoat Army”, British Columbia History, 49:4 (Winter 2016)
  • 2015 Rishma Johal, “Sikh Roots in the Fraser Valley: 100 Years and Counting”,  British Columbia History, 48:1 (Summer 2015).
  • 2014 Jason Beck, “The Cinderella Crew”, British Columbia History, 47:1 (Spring 2014): 5-13.
  • 2013 Robert Ratcliffe Taylor, “Almost a Crystal Palace,” British Columbia History, 46.3 ( Fall 2013): 18-25.
  • 2012 Janet Mary Nicol, “The Voice of Maisie Hurley,” British Columbia History, 45.2 (Summer 2012): 37-42.
  • 2011 R.J. (Ron) Welwood, “Pat is Pat and That is That: Rev. Thomas Patrick Freney,” British Columbia History, 44.4 (Winter 2011): 16-23.
  • 2010 Frances Welwood, “Lukin Johnston of The Province,” British Columbia History, 43.2 (Summer 2010): 10-18.
  • 2009 Fred Braches, “Chile, Peru and the Early Lumber Exports of BC,” British Columbia History, 42.2 (Summer 2009): 2-7.
  • 2008 Bill Laux, “A Kootenay Saga,” British Columbia History, 41.4 (Winter 2008): 4-10.
  • 2007 Allan Pritchard, “The Royal Navy and the Comox Settlement,” British Columbia History, 40.2 (2007): 20-27.
  • 2006 Greg Nesteroff, “Boris Karloff in British Columbia,” British Columbia History, 39.1 (2006): 16-21.
  • 2005 Dr. Jean Barman, “Lost Nanaimo—taking back our past,” British Columbia History, 38.3 (2005): 16-22.
  • 2004 R.G. Harvey, “The Crows Nest Railway,” British Columbia Historical News, 37.3 (Summer 2004): 17-22.
  • 2003 R.J. (Ron) Welwood, “Baillie–Grohman’s Diversion,” British Columbia Historical News, 36.4 (Fall 2003): 6-11.
  • 2002 Liberty Walton, “How Shall I Frame Myself,” British Columbia Historical News, 35.4 (Fall 2002): 26-37.
  • 2001 Freeman M. Tovell, “Chief Maquinna and Bodega y Quadra,” British Columbia Historical News, 34.4 (Fall 2001): 8-14.
  • 2000 Edward (Ted) Affleck, “Steamboating on the Peace River,” British Columbia Historical News, 33.1 (Winter 1999-2000): 2-7.
  • 1999 Dr. Joyce Clearihue, “Fort Victoria and HBCo Doctors,” British Columbia Historical News, 32.1 (Winter 1998-1999): 30-34.