headerThe Lieutenant Governor’s Medal for historical writing.

The Lieutenant-Governor’s
Medal for Historical Writing

Each year, the British Columbia Historical Federation invites submissions for its Annual Historical Writing Competition to authors of British Columbia history; and the winning author is awarded the Lieutenant-Governor’s Medal for Historical Writing.

    • To be eligible, a book must be about BC history and be published within the
       competition year
    • Non-fiction books representing any aspect of BC history are eligible.
    • Reprints or revisions of books are not eligible
    • Books may be submitted by authors or publishers
    • Deadline for submission is December 31 of the year in which the book was published

Submission Requirements
    • For instructions to enter the competition a letter MUST be sent to:
              Second Vice President Maurice Guibord
    • This letter must contain the following:
       1. Title of the book submitted
       2. Author’s name and contact information
       3. Publisher’s name and contact information
       4. Selling price
    • Deadline: December 31st of the year in which the book was published
    • Authors/Publishers are required to submit three copies of their book
    • Books entered become the property of the BC Historical Federation
    • By submitting books for this competition, the authors agree that the BC Historical
       Federation may use their name(s) in press releases and in its publications

Judging Criteria
Judges are looking for quality presentations and fresh material. Submissions will be evaluated in the following areas:
    • Scholarship: quality of research and documentation, comprehensiveness,
       objectivity and accuracy
    • Presentation: organization, clarity, illustrations and graphics
    • Accessibility: readability and audience appeal

All winners will receive publicity and an invitation to the Award’s Banquet at the Federation’s annual conference in May following the year of publication.

Lieutenant-Governor’s Medal and Other Awards
The BC Lieutenant-Governor’s Medal for Historical Writing will be awarded together with $2,500 to the author whose book makes the most significant contribution to the historical literature of British Columbia. The 2nd place winner will receive $1,500 and and 3rd place, $500. Certificates of Honourable Mention may be awarded to other books as recommended by the judges.

Historical Note
A proposal to initiate a BC history writing competition was approved at the Federation’s annual conference in 1983 and the Lieutenant Governor, as Honorary Patron, agreed to the awarding of the Lieutenant-Governor’s Medal for Historical Writing. On seven occasions His/Her Honour has presented this medal: Victoria (1989), Richmond (2001), Prince George (2003), Victoria (2007), Nelson (2009), Campbell River (2012), Kamloops (2013) and Cloverdale (2014).

Community History Award
The British Columbia Historical Federation introduced a Community History Award in 2015. Local and community history often provides the most sought-after information for those researching a particular region. This is where the trivia as well as the stories can be found (including the skeletons!). The Community History Award has been established to ensure these histories are recognized.

Awards for 2014
Winner: Mark Forsythe & Greg Dickson, From the West Coast to the Western Front:                 British Columbians and the Great War. Harbour Publishing
2nd Place: Robert Budd, Echoes of British Columbia: Voices from the Frontier.                         Harbour Publishing
3rd Place: Lily Siewsan Chow, Blood and Sweat Over the Railway Tracks: Chinese                   Labourers Constructing the Canadian Pacific Railway (1880-1885). UBC & Chinese             Canadian Historical Society of BC
Honourable Mentions (alphabetical):
        • Bart van den Berk, ed., The History of Leechtown, Part I: The VIEE and the                     Discovery of Gold on the Sook and Leech Rivers. VandeBerk-Books
        • Jay Sherwood, Surveying Southern British Columbia: A Photojournal of Frank                    Swannell, 1901-07. Caitlin Press
        • Elsie Paul, Written as I Remember It: Teachings (??ms ta?aw) from the Life of a                 Sliammon Elder. UBC Press

Past Winners

Community History Award for 2014
Aaron Chapman, Live at the Commodore: The Story of Vancouver's Historic Commodore             Ballroom. Arsenal Pulp Press