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Archives from 1923—2015

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Our History – British Columbia History Magazine

British Columbia History magazine traces its roots back to October 1923, when the British Columbia Historical Association — formed in 1922 as the earliest ancestor of today’s Federation — published its First Annual Report and Proceedings. Further Annual Reports and Proceedings followed in 1924, 1925 and 1929.

In January 1937, the British Columbia Historical Association partnered with the BC Archives to commence publication of the British Columbia Historical Quarterly. This journal included a mix of articles, book reviews and regional notes. The journal cost 50 cents per issue, or $2 for a yearly subscription, and was published until 1958.

A decade later, in February 1968, Association members welcomed the first issue of the British Columbia Historical News. Early issues included a round-up of news from member societies, as well as local historical news and a feature article. As the journal matured, it adopted a stronger focus on feature articles and a more professional presentation. In 2005, the publication was renamed British Columbia History.

In 2009, the British Columbia Historical Federation and the University of British Columbia Library began a project to digitize and provide full-text searching for all Federation publications dating back to 1923. Taken collectively, these publications constitute an outstanding record of the historical development of our province.