BCHF News Brammall, H. Robin (1935—2017)

Brammall, H. Robin (1935—2017)

Robin Brammall, who died recently on December 19, 2017, was for many years a familiar figure at meetings of the BC Historical Association – later the Federation. He served as president, 1971-72.

Called to the bar in the early 1960s, Robin completed his articles at the same time as finishing a doctorate in Paris at the Sorbonne. His thesis was on the Social Credit Party which, as a result of interviews he conducted with its leading members across the country, was the first serious historical overview and analysis of the movement in Canada. Working with Donald New – president, 1964-66 – Robin and his wife Patricia did much to revive the fortunes of the association when it was at a rather low ebb, and he provided key support to editor Philip Yandle (1968-77) in resurrecting the BC Historical Quarterly (which had ceased publication for a number of years) as the BC Historical News, today British Columbia History.

Robin also served as president of the Vancouver Historical Society, then a key chapter of the association, in 1966 and 1967. He practiced law in Vancouver for close to 50 years, first with Ladner Southin, and later through his own firm, Spring Brammall. His work and many kindnesses to colleagues and friends, and his contributions to its historical memory made him a well-known and respected citizen of his much-loved Vancouver.

– submitted by Robert Inglis