BCHF News British Columbia History Fall 2015 Issue

British Columbia History Fall 2015 Issue

The Fall 2015 issue of British Columbia History features

Cyrus W. Peck VC – Vancouver Island Hero

By Sidney Allinson

Though Col. Cyrus (Cy) Wesley Peck passed away in 1956, his achievements in peace and war still live in the hearts of Sidney, BC residents.

John George Taylor and his Mysterious Fortune

By Vernon Storey

Questions remain about the source of John George Taylor’s wealth. Nevertheless he left behind a foundational legacy to the BC Protestant Orphans’ Home, now the Cridge Centre for the Family.

Japanese-Canadian Diary Provides Rare Insights

By Jean-Pierre Antonio

Very few pre-World War II primary Japanese-Canadian documents, such as diaries, have survived. Masayuki Yano’s 87-year old diary provides a rare first-hand glimpse into the life of his experiences as a Japanese immigrant to BC just prior to WWII.

Ed and Billy Wilson of 38 Mile House

By Alan Pickard

As the Bulkley Valley evolved the Wilson brothers adapted and took advantage of new opportunities.

Sasquatch Hunters BC’s René Dahinden and John Green

By Vern Giesbrecht

When René Dahinden met John Green in 1967, it began a partnership that made these two men the best-known Sasquatch “hunters” in BC.

Archives & Archivists: Coquitlam’s Oral History Project

By Doug Rolling; edited by Sylvia Stopforth
Coquitlam Heritage Society’s Oral History Project has preserved a 20th Century epic that stretches from the horrors of Juno Beach, to the Depression Prairies, to present day Coquitlam.

Cabinets of Curiosities: Mystery Man

By Marie Heaster, Lytton Museum

Some donations to museum collections only raise questions instead of providing illumination into the past as the Lytton Museum has discovered.

Every Month

Editor’s Note: Things that Were

By Andrea Lister

From the Book Review Editor’s Desk: Turning Up Treasures

By K. Jane Watt
Mr. Pond, Fort Stikine, old-school naturalist, Ernest Mansfield, Abbotsford, and more