BCHF News British Columbia History Spring 2016 Issue

British Columbia History Spring 2016 Issue

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The Agricultural Hall on Mayne Island

By Jennifer Iredale

Mayne Island can boast that it had the first community hall in the Gulf Islands ─ the hall dates back to about 1899.

Gray Creek Hall

By Tom Lymbery

The only pre-WWI log community hall still well maintained and in regular use in Canada.

Galiano Community Hall

By Allan Forget

Built in the 1920s the Galiano Community Hall was officially opened with much pomp and ceremony including a visit from the province’s 13th Lieutenant Governor.

Dances and Dew Worms: Ryder Lake Halls

By Bea Mazurenko

Ryder Lake has had two halls and a variety of events that range from square dancing to dew worm racing.

Roberts Creek Community Hall

By John Dykes

For over 80 years the hall has been a social gathering place and venue for community events. It was conceived, constructed and managed entirely by local volunteers and donations and embodies the community spirit of Roberts Creek.

At the heart of it all — The Wells Community Hall

By Judy Campbell and Susan Safyan

By the mid-1990s the Wells Community Hall had fallen into disrepair and was in danger of being lost, but residents united to raise the money to restore the hall.

The Harrison Mills Community Hall

By Mary McGhee

The Harrison Mills Community Hall has survived flooding, vandalism, and a shrinking group of volunteers. It remains the hub of the community.

Archives & Archivists: The old Heritage Hall, Pitt Meadows

By Leslie Norman; edited by Sylvia Stopforth
The origins of the Pitt Meadows Heritage Hall dates back to the incorporation of Pitt Meadows.

Archives & Archivists: The old Heritage Hall, Pitt Meadows

By Fred Braches; edited by Sylvia Stopforth
These two strong women took the lead in the fundraising efforts to build what became known as the Whonnock Memorial Hall.

Cabinets of Curiosities: The hall clock made from a grate

By Jamea Lister
Occasionally pieces from older structures are incorporated in to the new halls. These objects have their own stories to tell.

Every Month

Editor’s Note: Do-si-do and away we go

By Andrea Lister

From the Book Review Editor’s Desk: Footprints and Dance Floors

By K. Jane Watt