BCHF News #BuyLocal — BC Labour Heritage Centre

#BuyLocal — BC Labour Heritage Centre

—submitted by Refano Evan, Student, University of British Columbia —

Working, working, working… That is something most of us do. But where did it all begin and what did work look like in BC in years back?

These are questions the BC Labour Heritage Centre (BCLHC) can answer and much more. The BC Labour Heritage Centre, “was founded in 2004 with JJ (Jack) Munro as Chair. The Society preserves, documents and presents the rich history of working people in British Columbia.  The Society engages in partnerships and projects that help define and express the role that work, and workers have played in the evolution of social policy and its impact on the present and future shaping of the province.” (BCLHC website)

The BCLHC works constantly to bring stories and voices surrounding labour in BC. One of the many projects they are working on is the South Asian Labour History Project. The project’s goal is to present the history of South Asian workers in BC.

For all projects check out the website.

They even have a cool podcast brought to you by the staff and volunteers of the BCLHC. It is released every Monday of every month and talks about a whole range of topics regarding labour history.

They also have an awesome shop and today we wanted to highlight their one of a kind postcard. You won’t be able to find these historical images on a postcard anywhere else.

Normally one of these postcards is $24. Now its 1$1. Just one dollar!! WOW! Consider sending these to support the work being done to preserve the history of labour here in BC.

Even now the BCLHC is documenting firsthand account of people working during the COVID-19 pandemic. Because of the work they do, we will be able to look back and appreciate the history of hardworking people like you and me.

If you just like to donate, you can also do that here.

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