BCHF News New anti-racism resource released

New anti-racism resource released

Challenging Racist British Columbia: 150 Years and Counting

Those engaged with public history in BC will be interested to read a new resource published on the topic of racism in British Columbia.

150 Years and Counting (150YC) is a new open-access, multi-media resource that documents how this recent cycle of anti-racist activism is part of a broader history of Indigenous, Black and other racialized communities challenging white supremacy for over 150 years – particularly since 1871 when BC joined Canada. Co-authored by activists and scholars from diverse communities, this resource will assist anti-racist educators, teachers, scholars, and policymakers in piercing the silences that too often have let racism fester in communities, corporations, and governments.

“Challenging Racist ‘British Columbia’ 150 Years and Counting retells history from the perspective of the marginalized; white supremacist origins and the marginalization of Indigenous, Black and Asian peoples as well as staunch historical and contemporary anti-colonial and anti-racist resistance. Vividly illustrated, concise, accessibly and engagingly written, this gem of a text o­ffers difficult knowledge about the past, examples of continued activism in the present and hence hope for an equitable future.” — Handel Kashope Wright, Centre for Culture, Identity & Education, University of British Columbia

150YC is co-produced by the UVIC History project Asian Canadians on Vancouver Island: Race, Indigeneity and the Transpacific and the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives – BC Office.

Download a free copy of the publication from the Challenging Racist British Columbia website.