2023 Princeton Chinatown Storytelling Centre receives BCHF Storytelling Award

Chinatown Storytelling Centre receives BCHF Storytelling Award

The British Columbia Historical Federation is pleased to announce the Chinatown Storytelling Centre has received the second annual Storytelling Award for its use of new technologies and social media to highlight and share stories of Vancouver’s Chinatown and the Chinese Canadian community. 

The Storytelling Award recognizes excellence in storytelling in non-traditional formats. The award is open to organizations, groups and individuals who engage the hearts and minds of visitors while exploring BC’s rich heritage.  It seeks to reward those who dream big, push boundaries to innovate and take risks, regardless of organizational size or budget. 

The Chinatown Storytelling Centre uses modern technologies and techniques to highlight and showcase previously silenced stories within Chinatown and the Chinese community both past and present. The Storytelling Centre contains artifacts, text panels, and audio-visual vignettes to articulate community and family narratives.  

With the use of the internet and other emerging technologies, the Centre continues to evolve with a dizzying array of programming. Events, interviews, panel discussions, guest speakers, and stories are recorded for future generations. The nomination states: “stories previously buried in family heirlooms and photo albums are being brought to life with a new generation of storytellers and curators at the CSC. The organization’s mandate is not simply to shine a light on stories within the community but to help save the community social and cultural infrastructure support.”  

The award was presented at the Federation’s annual conference awards gala in Princeton on July 22.