Conference Field Trips

THURSDAY, JUNE 6 — Explore Comox Air Force Museum

2:00—4:00 pm you can tour the Comox Heritage Air Park.

FRIDAY, JUNE 7 — we will be bussing to Cumberland, where we will have time to explore Cumberland and enjoy lunch in one of its many downtown restaurants.

Between 2:00 and 4:00 pm, four tours will be offered by the Cumberland Museum:

  • Tour 1: Old Townsites including #1 Japantown and Chinese Townsite (uneven ground, gravel paths)
  • Tour 2: Cumberland Museum Tour
  • Tour 3: Historic Downtown (uneven ground)
  • Tour 4: Choice of self-guided tours

SATURDAY, JUNE 8 — Tours in Courtenay

From 1:30-3:30 enjoy one of the following afternoon tours:

  • Tour One: Explore ancient fossils, led by the Courtenay Museum
    • An informative guide will give a brief lecture and show a short video about the famous discoveries made in the local area. Then, it’s a tour of the exhibit galleries to see the actual specimens and reconstructed casts of the Puntledge elasmosaur, the tylosaurus and other discoveries from local rivers and shorelines. A short 10 minute drive and an easy 5 minute forested walk brings you to one of the many beautiful fossil sites along local rivers.
  • Tour Two: Discover the natural and human history of the Courtenay River Estuary, organized by the Courtenay Museum
    • This walking tour will visit the site of Courtenay’s first commercial centre and discuss the important role the river has played in the City’s development.  Tour guides will also touch on industrial, military and recreational ties to the Comox Bay and Estuary.
  • Tour Three: Take a bus to the Filberg House, Comox
  • Tour Four: A choice of self-guided tour of historic downtown Courtenay

SUNDAY, JUNE 9 — end the conference with a cemetery tour

If you have some time to spare, enjoy an informal tour of local cemeteries (10 am), or from 11:30—2pm choose to visit the Union Bay Historical Society 1913 post office, 1904 jailhouse, and 1901 church (self-guided).