BCHF News Energy retrofit grants expanded for Vancouver heritage homes

Energy retrofit grants expanded for Vancouver heritage homes

Following a successful pilot program, Vancouver Heritage Foundation has renewed and expanded a grant program to assist older houses with energy retrofits that improve home comfort and reduce energy consumption.

The Heritage Energy Retrofit Grant supports efforts to retain heritage and character homes and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by offering funding and guidance for energy retrofits of older homes. The program covers heating, fuel-switching, insulation and air sealing, and has recently been expanded to include wood storm windows and water conservation methods, as well as to offer more resources for participants.

During the successful pilot program, some participating homes saw greenhouse gas reductions of over 4 tonnes per year.

The program is offered in partnership with the City of Vancouver Sustainability Group, with assistance from City Green Solutions. It is available for owners of homes built before 1940, as well as homes listed on the Vancouver Heritage Register.

Other Vancouver Heritage Foundation grant programs include: