Step Up for History Greens respond to email query in Prince George-Mackenzie

Greens respond to email query in Prince George-Mackenzie

BCHF Web Editor Caroline Ross used the Step Up for History email template to engage the Liberal, NDP and Green candidates in the Prince George-Mackenzie and Prince George-Valemount ridings.

Caroline emailed the candidates on April 22. Within five hours, she heard back from Prince George-Mackenzie Green candidate Hilary Crowley. Crowley’s response, below, is the only response Caroline has received since sending her original query a week ago.

  1. How will you ensure that local governments have enough resources to preserve history?
    Hilary Crowley: This could be a budget item, probably included under tourism. Regional Districts and Municipal Governments should be sufficiently funded to provide these resources.
  2. How do you plan to support engagement around history in your community? 
    Hilary Crowley: This should be included as school projects. Need to form liaisons with Indigenous leaders to share our history.
  3. What do you already do on a day-to-day basis to support the work of local history and heritage not-for-profits?
    Hilary Crowley: I attend the Huble Homestead events regularly. I have written a history of Summit Lake for Northword Magazine.
  4. In order to alleviate a perceived void in the provincial education curriculum, how will you become involved in incorporating subject material relevant to BC history and community heritage into the education degree programs at universities and the Grade 1-12 curriculum in BC?
    Hilary Crowley: Again I would involve Indigenous elders as well as long-standing families in the area to be resource people for these educational programs.