BCHF News Historic O’Keefe Ranch turns 150

Historic O’Keefe Ranch turns 150

It’s a celebratory year for all Canadians but Vernon’s Historic O’Keefe Ranch shares the sentimentality: the Ranch was also founded in 1867 and turns 150 years old in 2017.

The O’Keefe Ranch tells the story of early BC ranching and endeavors to preserve the history and culture of the early ranching era for future generations. In its earliest days, the Ranch was at the end of the wagon road into the Okanagan Valley and was the site of the stage coach depot.

The Ranch’s celebratory 2017 season runs from May 6 to October 1, 2017, with plenty of activities planned.

Carla-Jean Stokes-Greenhow Museum
O’Keefe Ranch Curator Carla-Jean Stokes in the Greenhow Museum exhibition “Staying Home: Photography, Family, Memory.” Photo: Historic O’Keefe Ranch.

Curator Carla-Jean Stokes will also open two new exhibitions at the on-site Greenhow Museum on May 6:

  • “The History of the O’Keefe Ranch in 50 Objects”
  • “Staying Home: Photography, Family, Memory”, which explores how people have collected photography based objects and images and how collections have changed over time.

New and returning exhibitions, five in total, will be open for viewing during the museum season.

Restoration of St. Anne’s Church is almost complete, and the multi-purpose pavilion has been expanded.

For more information, visit Historic O’Keefe Ranch.