2021 Surrey Inspiration Award: Gabriel Newman

Inspiration Award: Gabriel Newman

The British Columbia Historical Federation (BCHF) is pleased to announce that Gabriel Newman of Vernon is a recipient of an Inspiration award for his work creatively capturing the reality faced by heritage organizations through the Loneliest Interpreter series at O’Keefe Ranch.  

The award is bestowed upon individuals and organizations who have provided hope and optimism to the sector in British Columbia during the ongoing pandemic.   

Without visitors or school programs taking place at the O’Keefe Ranch during the COVID-19 pandemic, interpreter Gabriel Newman launched the “Loneliest Interpreter” video series. The series focused on a variety of historical topics, such as crafting butter, which would be undertaken at O’Keefe Ranch and the realities of working at a heritage site during a pandemic.  

Gabriel’s videos were perfectly timed – raw, authentic and funny, the videos helped spur laughter, joy and a sense of community as people tried to make sense of the new reality spurred by COVID-19. You can watch one of them below.

The award was presented at the Federation’s annual conference awards gala online on June 5.