BCHF Council Introducing the BCHF’s new treasurer

Introducing the BCHF’s new treasurer

We are pleased to report Barbara Kearney-Copan has agreed to take the reins as BCHF treasurer. In her own words:

“I was born in Vancouver but have lived most of my life in Burnaby. My husband and I have resided in North Burnaby for 34 years. Our son Mack and daughter-in-law Nikki live in New Westminster. I have just recently retired, and for 30-plus years I have been the bookkeeper for our family’s small businesses.

“I have worked with Simply Accounting for our own personal company books and also Quickbooks for 16 years when our distribution warehouse was in operation. I’ve prepared/filed GST and PST returns, WCB reports and have prepared company books for year end for income tax filing to the accountant.

“My most recent work where I retired from after 4.5 years was for the BCGEU where I was an administrative assistant. I have been a member of the Vancouver Historical Society/BC Historical Federation off and on for about 10 years. I also subscribe to Canada History magazine. My interest in BC and Canadian history has been a constant in my adult life, with a heavy influence from my now departed in-laws who were two of the founding members of Heritage Village Museum now known as Burnaby Village Museum.”