BCHF News Lytton museums destroyed

Lytton museums destroyed

Lorna Fandrich posted this photo on Facebook, writing: “I am so saddened to say that the Lytton Chinese Museum was totally burned in the Lytton fire. The photo is taken by what used to be my son’s house and all that remains of the museum are the rock walls in the background.

The BCHF extends its sympathies to the Lytton Chinese History Museum and Lytton Museum and Archives, both destroyed in this week’s devastating fire.

We stand by to assist the volunteers. BC’s heritage sector will do everything it can to help in a meaningful way.

The Chinese History Museum was among the newest in BC, having opened four years ago. This year it received the Drs. Wallace B. & Madeline H. Chung Prize for Chinese Canadian Community Archiving from the Chinese Canadian Historical Society of BC.

Lorna Fandrich’s family, who owned and operated the museum, also suffered personal losses. Although her home is still standing, her two sons lost their homes (one right beside the museum) and her daughter lost her cafe/art gallery.

Richard Forrest, chair of the Lytton Museum & Archives commission, was able to retrieve his server which had the databases of both museums. “They will live on digitally once I can get the server online again,” he says.

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The Lytton Museum & Archives before the fire.
The Lytton Chinese History Museum before the fire.