BCHF News Lytton Chinese History Museum plans rebuild

Lytton Chinese History Museum plans rebuild

Lorna Fandrich from the Lytton Chinese History Museum plans to rebuild her museum, lost in June’s devastating fire. It begins with artifacts. The ones seen here were found on her family’s Kumsheen River Rafting property where a Chinese railway camp was once located.

“We remain optimistic that some pieces from our collection may have survived the fire,” Fandrich writes. “However, we have still not been allowed access to our property to sift for artifacts.”

We’ll have more on plans from both of Lytton’s destroyed museums, and the Lytton First Nation’s hopes to rebuild a basket collection in the winter issue of British Columbia History magazine.

An online fundraiser for both museums is now underway at https://www.gofundme.com/f/please-help-the-lytton-museums-lost-in-the-fire and has already raised more than $8,700.