Multi-Subscription Program

Our popular multi-subscription program gives BCHF Member Societies the opportunity to offer their dues-paying members a special rate on subscriptions to British Columbia History magazine, while at the same time earning free advertising space for their society in the magazine.

How it works

When your society joins the BCHF or renews its annual membership, follow the instructions on your membership form to enroll in the program. You must provide us with a list of the members of your society who wish to subscribe to British Columbia History at the special Multi-Subscription Program rate of $20 per year (regular subscription rate is $25 per year). You must provide addresses and payments for each program subscriber at the same time.

Subscriber benefits

Your participating members will receive a year’s worth of British Columbia History magazine – four issues packed with fresh, engaging stories about the diverse history of our province — at a cost of $20 per subscription, a 20 per cent savings off our regular subscription price of $25 per year.

Your society will receive one free advertisement in British Columbia History magazine, to be used within the calendar year of your membership. The size and format of your free advertisement are based on the number of members from your society who enroll in the Multi-Subscription Program, as per the table below:

Number of program participantsAd size & formatDollar value
1-101/8 page, black and white$50
11-201/4 page, black and white$80
21-501/2 page, black and white$115
51-1001/2 page, colour$150
101+full page, colour
or 1/2 page, colour, in 2 issues
or 1/4 page, colour, in 4 issues

Program particulars

  • The Multi-Subscription Program is only available to active BCHF Member Societies.
  • Program participation is optional. The mechanisms for enrollment are incorporated into our Member Society application and renewal forms.
  • Names, addresses and payments for each program subscriber must be provided to the BCHF at the time your society initiates or renews its annual membership. New subscribers cannot be added mid-term.
  • Ad space must be booked at the time of renewal and is subject to space availability.
  • Our magazine team can help you design your ad. Use your free ad space to promote your society and its events, exhibits, publications and more!
  • Many societies “bundle” the fees for the Multi-Subscription Program with their regular membership fees to offer “regular” and “deluxe” membership options. E.g.,
    • Regular membership in Society X – $25/year.
    • Deluxe membership in Society X (regular membership plus an annual subscription to British Columbia History magazine) – $45/year.


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