BCHF News Nanaimo Historical Society speaker series available on YouTube

Nanaimo Historical Society speaker series available on YouTube

A still from the Wellington Cemetery tour video.

COVID 19 prevented the Nanaimo Historical Society from meeting at the Bowen Park Centre for more than a year.  However since September 2020, the society has conducted virtual meetings that included a business meeting and a presentation by one or more speakers.

These presentations are available on the Society’s YouTube channel as follows.

• September 2020: David Hill-Turner “Shipwrecks and the Nanaimo coal trade”  https://youtu.be/-k4D1qW80Jc?t=2

• October 2020: Christine Meutzner “Wellington Cemetery tour”  https://youtu.be/rYy5xcvQDhE

• November 2020: Linda Brooymans and Christine Meutzner “After the Great War: Nanaimo veterans back home” https://youtu.be/HCh7GhNQ_CI

• January 2021: Show and tell meeting  https://youtu.be/ZEJOONnyxAw  & Tony Orchard “History of the Colliery dams, Nanaimo BC” https://youtu.be/qrxFVkQHOIw

• April 2021: Dave Bodaly “Dave Bodaly on Sayshutsun (Newcastle) Island and Family History” https://youtu.be/QoL_KZBdF-Q

• May 2021: Dr. Kelly Black ” Roses and reserves: public history at Point Ellice House” https://youtu.be/P32Jyrf7loc

• June 2021: Virtual field trip to Mt. Benson site of October 1951 crash of Queen Charlotte Airlines Canso aircraft https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Ce99haWOac