BCHF News Nikkei Museum launches new exhibit

Nikkei Museum launches new exhibit

The Nikkei National Museum and Cultural Centre in Burnaby will launch SAFE | HOME on Oct. 23.

Through the lens of the historic Vancouver Asahi baseball team, contemporary Canadian artist Kellen Hatanaka explores issues of race, xenophobia, representation, and implicit bias that are relevant in both sport and society today.

Interpreted in contemporary painting, and sculpture, all primarily working with paper, his visual stories offer both warning and help to erase thinking and behaviours that continue to exclude minority groups. Hatenaka re-imagines the influence and importance of the Vancouver Asahi through yonsei (fourth generation) eyes.

Adjacent to this contemporary installation is a heritage corner drawing on the NNMCC archives to round out the historical story of the Vancouver Asahi.

The exhibit is on until April 30.