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51.1 | Spring 2018 British Columbia History


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The Spring 2018 issue of British Columbia History features a watercolour sketch of Tecumseh School by Jo Scott-B and stories about schools: “Surrey’s Old Anniedale School to Begin a New Life” by Barbara Hynek; “The Origin of BC’s First Common School” by Jim McDowell; “Old Marysville Schoolhouse” by Marie Stang; “The Schools of Squirrel Cove” by Lynne Jordan; “Duncan Elementary School” by Carolyn Prellwitz; “Lill’s Story: Teaching at Bloedel Logging Camp” by Lillian Emerson (edited by Mary Novik); “Eight Years at the Gray Creek One-Room School” by Tom Lymbery with Frances Roback; “Japanese Language Schools: Confiscated and Restored” by K. Jane Watt with assistance from Henry Tanaka; “Vancouver’s Carleton School and the WWII War Effort” by Ron Hyde; “Residential School Goes from Tragedy to Triumph” by Rod Mickleburgh; and “An Oral History of TechBC, Surrey Place Mall’s Forgotten University” by Holly Hendrigan.

Readers may also enjoy “Archives and Archivists: Clinton Schoolhouse Museum and Archives” by Laurie Allison; edited by Sylvia Stopforth; “Cabinets of Curiosities: Classroom Facebook Page a Post-modern Cabinet of Curiosity” by Janet Nicol, and Books with K. Jane Watt.