BCHF News Royal BC Museum publications go digital

Royal BC Museum publications go digital

If efforts to make their books more widely available and accessible, the Royal BC Museum has converted a number of their publications to e-books. Below is the list of publications:

Frontlist (2019)

Henry & Self: An English Gentlewoman at the Edge of Empire by Kathryn Bridge (distributor | Kindle | Kobo)

By Snowshoe, Buckboard and Steamer: Women of the British Columbia Frontier by Kathryn Bridge (distributor | Kindle | Kobo)

Great Expectations: Reflections on Museums and Canada by Jack Lohman (distributor | Kindle | Kobo)

Once Well Beloved: Remembering a British Columbia Great War Sacrifice by Michael Sasges (distributor | Kindle | Kobo)


The Collectors: A History of the Royal British Columbia Museum and Archives by Patricia Roy (distributor | Kindle | Kobo)

Kwäday Dän Ts’ìnchi: Teachings from Long Ago Person Found edited by Richard J. Hebda, Sheila A. Greer and Alexander P. Mackie (distributor | Kindle | Kobo)

Museums at the Crossroads? Essays on Cultural Institutions in a Time of Change by Jack Lohman (distributor | Kindle | Kobo)

The Whaling People of the West Coast of Vancouver Island and Cape Flattery by Eugene Arima and Alan L. Hoover (distributor | Kindle | Kobo)

In the Shadow of the Great War: The Milligan and Hart Explorations of Northeastern British Columbia, 1913–14 by Jay Sherwood (distributor | Kindle | Kobo)

Furrows in the Sky: The Adventures of Gerry Andrews by Jay Sherwood (distributor | Kindle | Kobo)

Bannock and Beans: A Cowboy’s Account of the Bedaux Expedition by Bob White edited by Jay Sherwood (distributor | Kindle | Kobo)