BCHF News Sikh Heritage Museum Virtual Tour

Sikh Heritage Museum Virtual Tour

The South Asian Studies Institute (SASI) at the University of the Fraser Valley has been managing and curating exhibits at the National Historic Site of Canada, Gur Sikh Temple and Sikh Heritage Museum for more than ten years.

Recent funding through the Heritage BC Heritage Awareness grant, the SASI has coordinated a virtual tour of the Sikh Heritage Museum. From the convenience of your home, or classroom, you are now able to ‘walk’ through the interior, the exterior, and the upstairs darbar hall space.

Read more about the Sikh Heritage Museum on the SASI website and view the tour here.

South Asian Canadian Digital Archive

In case you missed it, SASI also recently launched it’s South Asian Canadian Digital Archive. Explore rich archival content from the comfort of your home. The website contains 15 digital collections and three online exhibitions.