BCHF News Spring issue of BC History looks at climate change

Spring issue of BC History looks at climate change

The spring edition of British Columbia History is coming soon to a mailbox or a screen near you. It’s guest edited by Karen Aird, the manager of culture and heritage for the First Peoples’ Cultural Council, who is also featured in an interview entitled “Climate Change and Indigenous Cultural Heritage.” The lineup also includes an interview with Michael Flannigan titled “Forest Fires and Climate Change: A smoky future”; “Climate Activism and Heritage Organizations” by Alice Watkin; and “Floodplain Feels Impact of Historic Flood” by Satwinder Kaur Bains. Plus explorer-in-residence Bert ter Hart reflects on the impacts of climate change he witnessed on his cross-country canoe voyage, and Mark Forsythe discusses the work of conservationist Roderick Haig-Brown and what his legacy can teach us today.

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