BCHF News Submissions sought for Boswell Beginnings and Beyond

Submissions sought for Boswell Beginnings and Beyond

The book Boswell Beginnings, a history of the Kootenay Lake community published in 1986, is now out of print and unavailable for sale, but continues to be in demand.

Accordingly, the Boswell Historical Society board is planning to republish the original Boswell Beginnings but to also include an addendum that will provide a glimpse of Boswell in 2020 and a little of what has happened locally since the publication of the original document. The republication will be titled Boswell Beginnings and Beyond.

The society will be including descriptions of the various clubs, organizations, and societies that people continue to enjoy, and a few stories and reminiscences of long-time residents of the East Shore community.

This is an invitation to those who live or who have lived in Boswell to submit a brief (one or two pages) personal story relevant to Boswell for inclusion in the book. For instance, you might follow the example of Boswell Beginnings by providing a brief family history.

Other possibilities include a favourite memory of something you experienced/witnessed in Boswell, your description of the general feel of the community, or the difficulties and joys of living on the Best Shore. Also of interest would be your memories of any of the original pioneers (or old-timers) described in Boswell Beginnings.

Your document may be mailed to: Boswell Historical Society, 12680 Hwy 3A, Boswell, V0B 1A4 or (preferably) emailed to jama.baker1@gmail.com or tom.wishart@usask.ca

Your submission must be made on or before April 30 in order to be included in the publication.