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British Columbia History publishes public histories and welcomes great human stories. These stories are told in a range of modalities: be it a mix of weighty history and lighter stories or a blend of memoir and research. We look for modern takes on stories that make up the province’s diverse history; new projects and directions taken by historical not-for-profits and archives. Articles are highlighted through a mix of archival and modern photographs, documents or artworks.

Authors should endeavour to make their writing inclusive and accessible. The magazine strives for an informative and engaging tone that entertains and connects readers of all ages.

Unsolicited manuscripts are not accepted, so please contact the editor with a brief — one or two sentence — outline of your article, Editor,

Get Published

Please review Get Published: BCHF Submission Guidelines for Authors before sending in your proposal.

Feature Articles

The BCHF publishes approximately twenty-five articles each year on topics related to the social, economic, political, intellectual and/or cultural history of British Columbia.

Submissions come from writers, academics, public historians, and professionals from across the province. Submissions may include, but are not limited to, feature-length articles, documentary selections, essays, photo essays, memoirs, and information about new books and media.

British Columbia History strives to publish content about new discoveries. The goal is to bring to life the province’s history — and its practices and meanings in the present — by telling timely stories about the past.

Word count for a feature-length article is 1,000–3,000 words, plus a selection of suggested images. Submissions must meet the guidelines for articles and images.

Regular Sections

We welcome suggestions for the following regular sections of British Columbia History:

Archives & Archivists: Are you an archivist with a story to tell, a primary source to celebrate? Send us your archives-related story about a key fonds/collection or service, new digitization project, upcoming event or other exciting initiative. Word count for this section is 500–600 words plus three images OR up to 900 words plus one or two images. Be sure your submission follows our submission guidelines for articles and images. Contact Sylvia Stopforth,

Refracting BC History: Is there a book, exhibit, website, app, article, artwork, video, podcast, or other initiative that showcases BC’s public history that others should know about? Send it to us and we may review it in the magazine. “Refracting BC History” is focused on profiling print and digital media that add missing chapters into BC’s history that reflect diversity in the province in order to inform readers about new research or ways of thinking about the past.
Contact Aimee Greenaway, Book Reviews Editor.

Stories of Objects: Do you have an object with a peculiar or noteworthy story in your personal collection? Contact us with your idea and we may publish it in our magazine. “Stories of Objects require one or two photos of the object, along with 300–400 words on what makes the object interesting, meaningful, or unique. Please ensure your submission follows our submission guidelines for articles and images.

History in Context: Show us how times have changed — send a snapshot of an old photograph set in the present context, and your image could appear on the magazine’s back page. Include information about where the photo was taken, who/what is depicted, and why the scene is important to you or your community. Please ensure your photo follows our submission guidelines for articles and images.

Important Notes

  • Manuscripts that have been published elsewhere, or are under review for publication elsewhere, will be considered at the editor’s discretion.
  • Every year, usually in the spring, we publish a special theme issue. For information about upcoming themes, view our editorial calendar.
  • Our editorial team works with set copy deadlines and must often finalize content six months or more in advance of publication. For more information, view our editorial calendar.
  • Our editorial team makes every effort to respond to all submission enquiries; however, our magazine operates with a small part-time staff and it may take some time for us to get back to you.
  • We welcome questions and feedback at any time. Please contact us.