British Columbia History Magazine British Columbia History Summer 2015 Issue

British Columbia History Summer 2015 Issue

The Summer 2015 issue of British Columbia History features

Kootenaina Making History Possible by R.J. Welwood

Collecting and preserving material relating to the central Kootenay region of BC is only part of the story, utilizing and presenting the stories is the goal.

Belongings: Musqueam Values and Interactive Technologies

By Kate Hennessy, Alissa Antle, Reese Muntean, Susan Rowley and Jordan Wilson
Museums can use technology to connect visitors to the past through the objects, the belongings of past peoples.

British Columbia to Pax Britannica and Return

By Barry Gough
From BC to England, England to Ontario, East to West; to tell the role of BC in the larger naval context.

Making Nautical History in British Columbia

By John MacFarlane
Exploring nautical history through Facebook allows access to researchers of all kinds from established historians to maritime enthusiasts.

Sikh Roots in the Fraser Valley: 100 Years and Counting

By Rishma Johal
Recent historical efforts have allowed descendants of Sihk pioneers to reconnect with their personal histories and tell new members of the Sikh community that they have a long history in the Fraser Valley.

Archives & Archivists: Coquitlam’s Oral History Project

By Doug Rolling; edited by Sylvia Stopforth
Coquitlam Heritage Society’s Oral History Project has preserved a 20th Century epic that stretches from the horrors of Juno Beach, to the Depression Prairies, to present day Coquitlam.

Cabinets of Curiosities: Her name is Jenny

By M. Diane Rogers
62 years ago Jenny, a Canadian built 1952 Pontiac became part of a family.

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Editor’s Note: Reflections on History

by Andrea Lister

From the Book Review Editor’s Desk

by K. Jane Watt
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