BCHF News Videos showcase “Relics” of BC’s past

Videos showcase “Relics” of BC’s past

Relics: A Story of Forgotten Places is a series of short documentaries intended to uncover the secrets held within the strange, beautiful and often abandoned and forgotten places of Western Canada.

Each four- to eight-minute documentary tells a meaningful story of our past in a way that unlocks hidden secrets and helps make sense of who we are today.

The series was created by Vancouver-based director and writer Andrew Muir. Four Relics documentaries are currently available, three of them related to history in BC:

  • Relics Episode 1: The Lawless Place – The story of The Lawless Place, an abandoned home that provides a window into BC’s settlement history.
  • Relics Episode 3: Greenwood – The story of Greenwood, a small mining town that was used as an internment centre during WWII.
  • Relics Episode 4: Anyox – The story of Anyox, a remote copper mining town that has been abandoned since the Great Depression.

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