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100th Anniversary of Armistice: Langley Heritage Society donates important resource to local schools

Langley School Trustee Chair, Rob McFarlane (left) and Jim Foulkes, Director Langley Heritage Society during the book presentation, on September 25, 2018. Photo Credit: Ken Hoff, Communications Manager, SD 35

The Langley Heritage Society has recently donated copies of the book, Canucks in Khaki: Langley, the Lower Mainland and the Great War of 1914 to 1918 to every school in Langley School District 35.

The book, written by BC author, Warren Sommer, is a finely researched documentation of the experiences of Langley participants in the First World War, both in the trenches of Europe and also on the home front. Mark Forsythe, Langley Heritage Society Vice President, described the book as “a masterful survey of how British Columbia’s men, women, and communities rose to the greatest challenge of their lives.”

This year, November 11, 2018 takes on special significance as we commemorate the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War. It was a war that changed the world and shaped the character and future of Canada. It also affected community life everywhere in the nation, no less so than in Langley.

Donating this book to every Langley school will encourage and enable students and teachers to think about the history of global conflict as well as the local impacts of war. Resource material for classroom use was included with each book. Canucks in Khaki provides insights into Langley’s heritage and brings personal experiences of one hundred years ago to life. The book is 384 pages with 435 historic photographs, maps, and drawings. Photographs of the soldiers and nursing sisters, plus their inspirational stories excerpted from diaries, letters, newspapers and war records create a memorable impression of the time. Remembering the past, acknowledging the sacrifices and honouring those who have gone before, builds understanding and appreciation for our shared heritage.

The Langley Heritage Society encourages youth to expand their understanding of history by sponsoring a school district heritage fair and student visits to the Langley Centennial Museum. This book donation supports the preservation and understanding of Langley’s rich cultural and built heritage.

To find out more about the Langley Heritage Society, visit their website. There are a limited number of copies of Canucks in Khaki remaining. The book can be purchased for $41.95 (includes tax) at the Langley Centennial Museum in Fort Langley or from the author, by e-mail bsommer@telus.net or 604-888-0017.