BCHF News A Cortes Island artifact query

A Cortes Island artifact query

Cortes Island Museum and Archives Society president Lynne Jordan has a number of artifacts from her great-grandfather (born in the 1860s, died 1943), one of which she is completely puzzled about (pictured below).

“Not knowing what it is, I have no topic to Google information on it,” she says. “The artifact may be valuable as a personal item or as something ritualistic. I’m not sure.

“The long tube is made of heavy brass and is filled inside with some whitish material that is well packed in, possibly acting as a wick. The thin white wand (feels like plastic material) protruding from one unscrewed end slides into a hole in the inside packing material. 

“The tiny short green cylindrical piece fits loosely into the small unscrewed rounded end attached to the chain at one end. All most curious and first made me think it was some kind of lighter, but why so thin and long? 

“The red cover is made of velvet, and on the part that unscrews at the end without the chain is inscribed in script the word ‘Modern.’ Both ends unscrew, as does the rounded end piece on the chain.”

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