BCHF News A shout out for docents

A shout out for docents

A docent is a person who acts as a guide, typically on a voluntary basis, in a museum, art gallery, or zoo.

Let’s just think for a minute about these folks — the ones we rely on to deliver programs to the public, explain ideas to school kids, conduct tours, and do a million other things in the world of museums. They help to make the world of not-for-profits go round.

LCM docents
Langley Centennial Museum docents – 50 strong! Photo courtesy of Margaret Halvorsen.

The Langley Centennial Museum, for example, is a small space, and it relies on a docent corps of 50 to deliver programs to over 15,000 school children each year. That’s a remarkable accomplishment and a remarkable local network of knowledge.

We at the BCHF want celebrate docents and the work they do. Drop us a line at info@bchistory.ca and tell us about how docents advance the work of your museum or historical society.