Historic Trails and Sites Committee

The Historic Trails and Sites Committee supports the protection, preservation and marking of sites, relics, natural features, and other objects and places of historical interest to British Columbians.

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Historic Trail and Site Inventory

In November 2011, the Committee published a report summarizing significant trails, sites, monuments or personages in the province. View the 2011 report (pdf).

The Committee initiated the report with the intention of documenting a database for the province. To compile the data, the Committee asked each BCHF Member Society to complete a questionnaire identifying and ranking their district’s:

  • five most historic trails,
  • five most important historic monuments, and
  • five most important historical personages.

The Committee received 34 responses by the time the November 2011 report was published. Interested Member Societies may still complete and submit the questionnaire for future consideration.

Walter Moberly Monument

Moberly MonumentIn May 2016, the Committee unveiled an innovative stainless steel monument to Walter Moberly, a pioneer surveyor, engineer and road builder who played a key role in the early exploration and development of British Columbia. In 1865, Moberly discovered Eagle Pass through the Gold Range (between present-day Shuswap Lake and Revelstoke), a vital link in the route of Canada’s first transcontinental railway.

The monument stands on three large boulders at the Revelstoke Railway Museum in Revelstoke, BC. It was officially unveiled at the BCHF’s 2016 Annual Conference in Revelstoke. For more information and video footage of the unveiling, visit Walter Moberly Monument.

Annual Report:

2019 Annual Report


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