Historic Trails and Sites Committee

The British Columbia Historical Federation supports the protection, preservation and marking of sites, relics, natural features, and other objects and places of historical interest to British Columbians.

With the intention of documenting a database for the province the Historical Trails & Sites Committee asked each Member Society to complete a questionnaire to provide a list from their district of:

  • Five most historic trails
  • Five most important historic monuments
  • Five most important historical personages

These submissions were compiled into a report in 2011. The report summarized significant trails, sites, monuments or personages in the province. Download the 2011 Report here (pdf).

RecentĀ Initiative

An innovative stainless steel monument to Walter Moberly has beenĀ set up on three large boulders at the Woodenhead Park in Revelstoke, B.C. The monument was launched in May, 2016 at the BC Historical Federation conference in Revelstoke.