W. Kaye Lamb Award for the Best Student Works

Each year, the British Columbia Historical Federation offers two W. Kaye Lamb Scholarships for student works relating to the history of British Columbia.

  • A prize for a student in the 1st or 2nd year: $750
  • A prize for a student in the 3rd or 4th year: $1,000


The work may be on any topic related to the history of BC and must be created by a student for a course taken at a university or college in British Columbia within one year of the application deadline. The work may be presented in a variety of media including:

  • Essay (1500-5000 words)
  • Website
  • Video or filmPerformance
  • Podcast
  • Artwork or installation


The winning submissions may be published, at the editor’s discretion, in the Federation’s quarterly magazine, British Columbia History, on the BCHF website, or shown at the BCHF conference. The winners will have the opportunity to work with the British Columbia History editor or web editor to prepare the work for publication. This is a valuable opportunity for those who are looking to gain experience transitioning academic works into magazine articles, blogs or multi-media platforms.


Notice of the winning works will be posted in the British Columbia Historical Federation’s publications.

How to Apply

Candidates must submit their application for the scholarships by 1 March of each year and must include the following:

  1. A covering letter stating the applicant’s name, postal address and e-mail address; name of the applicant’s college or university, program and year of study; the name of the instructor for whose course the work was created; and an explanation in 300 words or less of:
    1. why you are interested in British Columbia history,
    2. why you chose your topic,
    3. any future plans to continue studies of British Columbia history.
  2. A letter of recommendation from the instructor for whose course the work was created.
  3. The work:
    1. An essay of 1500-3000 words (for 1st or 2nd year students) or 1500-5000 words (for 3rd or 4th year students); or
    2. A website or podcast created by the student, including copy that is researched and written by the student; or
    3. A performance either created or directed by the student; or
    4. An artwork; or
    5. A video, film, documentary, or multimedia installation created by the student.

Note: BCHF reserves the right not to award a prize in a given year should applications not be of sufficient quality.

Johnson Inc. Scholarship Program

The BCHF’s corporate member, Johnson Inc. offers 50 scholarships each valued at $1,000 to students attending a post-secondary educational institution in Canada in the fall of each year.

Completed application forms must be submitted by August 31. Visit Johnson Inc. for more information.