Advocacy BC Historians Flocking to Comox Valley: Who Is Taking Care of History?

BC Historians Flocking to Comox Valley: Who Is Taking Care of History?

Members of the British Columbia Historical Federation will be digging into Comox Valley history during their annual conference from June 6 to 9.

Established in 1922, the BCHF is the oldest umbrella group for historical societies, museums and sites around B.C. and represents over 100 non-profits in the history and heritage field. Most workshops will occur at the historic Native Sons Hall in Courtenay and the conference will be hosted by the region’s museums.

BCHF President Jane Watt says, “The theme of this conference is ‘Who is Taking Care of History.’ It will be an ideal opportunity for B.C.’s historical organizations tour sites in the Comox Valley, collaborate on best practices, and build strength to care for the diverse history of our province into the future.”

The 2019 Conference highlights include a presentation from Daryl Hatton, a leading Canadian expert on crowdfunding for the non-profit sector.

Karen Aird from the First Nations Cultural Council will share new strategies to conserve Indigenous heritage in her presentation, ”Not Just Stones & Beads.”

Paul Gravett, Executive Director of Heritage BC will share the findings from their recent series of provincial roundtables inquiring into the state of heritage in all corners of the province.

David Leverton, Executive Director of the Maritime Museum of B.C., will make a case to transform the Victoria-based museum into a national institution.

Comox Valley expertise will be key to the conference. Jon Ambler previously earned a Certificate of Recognition from the BCHF for his work at the Comox Air Force Museum. He will host delegates at the museum’s Heritage Air Park and open the doors to some vintage aircraft.

Michelle Willard from the Cumberland Museum will speak to strategic directions for large and small museums in B.C., along with former Provincial Archivist Gary Mitchell. Field trips are planned to Chinese and Japanese historical sites in Cumberland; also the Courtenay River Estuary, Filberg House, Union Bay Post Office & Jailhouse, fossil locations and more. 

One of B.C.’s most significant book prizes will also be awarded at a special BC Book Prizes Gala on Saturday June 8th. Non-fiction writers from throughout the province are vying for the Lieutenant Governor’s Medal for Historical Writing, which includes a $2,500 first prize.

The BCHF will also be seeking nominations for the province’s best historic sites and trails, to be highlighted leading up to the sesquicentennial of Confederation.

To learn more about BCHF conference, or to register, visit our Conference webpages.