BCHF News BCHF explorer-in-residence completes his journey

BCHF explorer-in-residence completes his journey

Bert ter Hart, our explorer-in-residence, who has been canoeing his way across Canada since April 1, has reached his final destination in Shippegan, New Brunswick. While we wait for him to rest up and post an official message, here is an account from someone named Missy Anne who encountered him the day before his arrival. 

I’ve met good, honest, adventurous souls while on this life journey so far.

They’ve often just kind of appeared haphazardly right in front of me. It usually starts with a smile & then a hearty hello. At first, with a few awkward sentences then a full fledged connection happens. It pretty much goes like this every time.

This is how I met Bert. This gentleman was quietly sitting alone this evening at Pokeshaw Beach after having left Vancouver Island April 1st CANOEING across Canada.

Please read the above sentence again and consider the journey he has been on. Mountains, rivers, marshes, walking highways (when water was an issue), tenting, forging….then Hurricane Fiona.

Averaging 40 km a day paddling, moving every day without choice, press releases, keeping a live blog, living/breathing Earth.

Best story of us meeting Bert. RCMP pulls him over while walking his canoe (canoe is strapped to his back with little wheels). RCMP officer asks him a couple of questions. At this point he has travelled half his journey. RCMP officer is really not buying what sounds like an elaborate talel. He then asks “Sir, is everything okay at home”? Bert responds, “Here’s my card, it’ll explain everything”.

His journey will end tomorrow in Shippegan.

I am in awe of this journey.

I’ll add to this by saying he is one of nine people who has sailed across the world solo non-stop. Nine thousand have successfully climbed Mount Everest. Put that into prospective.

I left him by signing his canoe.