BCHF News BCHF member Maurice Guibord honoured during BC’s Journée de la Francophonie 2017

BCHF member Maurice Guibord honoured during BC’s Journée de la Francophonie 2017

Congratulations to BCHF Council member Maurice Guibord, who was honoured for his contributions to the Province of British Columbia during celebrations for BC’s 15th annual Journée de la Fancophonie (BC Francophonie Day) March 14, 2017, in Victoria.

Maurice Guibord, centre, receives his Journee de la Francophonie 2017 honour accompanied by Padminee Chundunsing, President of the Fédération des Francophones de la Colombie-Britannique (left) and the Honoruable Norm Lednick, Minister of Agriculture, also responsible for the BC Francophone Affairs Program (right). Photo: Province of British Columbia.

Guibord was recognized for his invaluable contribution to the research and dissemination of BC’s francophone history and heritage. He received a commemorative plaque presented by the the Honourable Norm Letnick, Minister of Agriculture and minister responsible for the BC Francophone Affairs Program, during a ceremony at the BC Parliament Buildings.

Guibord, an Ottawa-born francophone, is a long-serving champion of history in BC. He currently serves as President of the Société historique francophone de la Colombie-Britannique, as well as First Vice President of the BC Historical Federation. He is a founding director of the Heritage Vancouver Society and is active with the Vancouver Heritage Foundation and with Radio-Canada as a historical chronicler. Guibord also hosts historical walking tours of Lower Mainland neighbourhoods in both French and English.

Guibord notes that francophones — who first arrived in BC in the late 1800s as explorers and voyageurs in the fur trade — were among the groups who founded the province and have remained an active and vibrant force in the province’s development.

There are currently more than 290,000 French-speaking people in BC, and more than 40 francophone associations and organizations actively representing the French language and culture in the province.