BCHF News BCHF publishes new logo

BCHF publishes new logo

If you follow us on Facebook, YouTube, Flickr or Instagram, you will notice that we have started to swap out our branding for a new logo and look.

The BCHF council started the re-branding project last year, working with BC-based graphic artist Andi Mortenson from Epic Branding & Design.

Andi was an absolute pleasure to work with, and we are excited to apply our branding in full force over the next few months and into our 100th anniversary year.

Our team landed on the modern look of the sans-serif font logo with “BC” prominent and inset “Historical Federation”. The team felt that the logo allows for flexibility when designing for a range of print and digital platforms, and combined both a modern, forward-looking font with a slightly retro feel. The colour scheme was chosen to represent the blues and greens of the sky, mountains and waters of the province, with a pop of colour that draws in the viewer’s eye.

The re-branding is part of a larger project to renew and refresh the organization heading into our 100th anniversary year. We are reconfirming our values and commitment towards reconciliation, diversity, and inclusion, and are working to support our members in sharing and promoting interesting in all histories of the province.