BCHF News Bill to right historical wrongs in BC

Bill to right historical wrongs in BC

The BC government has followed up on its 2014 formal apology for historical wrongs committed against the Chinese-Canadian community with a bill to repeal provisions that discriminate against ethnic groups in historical private legislation.

Bill 3 – 2017: Discriminatory Provisions (Historical Wrongs) Repeal Act was tabled in the BC legislature on March 7, 2017. The bill cites 19 provisions for repeal, the majority of them passed prior to 1900. Twelve of the provisions relate to the establishment or operation of private companies, four relate to provincial lands agreements, and three relate to municipal bodies.

Teresa Wat, BC’s minister responsible for multiculturalism, told the Canadian Press that the government reviewed almost 2,000 pieces of legislation dating from 1871 to 1982 to remove provisions that were discriminatory on the basis of ethnicity or place of origin.

The time period covers when BC joined confederation until 1982, the year the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms was introduced.

The 19 discriminatory historical acts identified for repeal are listed at BC Government – Chinese Legacy BC – Legislation Review.

The legislation review and subsequent tabling of Bill 3 – 2017 comprise one of the government’s legacy projects following in the wake of its formal apology to the Chinese-Canadian community in 2014. Other projects include a commemorative monument project, and an education supplement program.

For more information, visit Chinese Legacy BC.