British Columbia History Magazine British Columbia History Spring 2015 Issue

British Columbia History Spring 2015 Issue

The Spring 2015, Vol 48 No 1, issue of British Columbia History features

French Canadians, Furs, and Indigenous Women

by Jean Barman

Without the presence of French Canadians in the Pacific Northwest over two hundred years ago, Canada’s border may have ended a the Rocky Mountains.

Francophone Culture in Early Victoria

By Carey Pallister

St. Ann’s Academy, for more than 100 years the western Provincial House of the Sisters of St. Ann, its chapel and the original school, are physical reminders of French Canadians.eums can use technology to connect visitors to the past through the objects, the belongings of past peoples.

Many times I cursed the day I left you

By Forrest D. Pass
Relatively few Francophones participated in the Cariboo Gold Rush. Honoré Robillard’s dismal letter home cursing the day he left home provides some insight into why.

Building CILS-FM: A French Radio Station

By Dr. Jacques P. Vallée
The goal was to build an autonomous Francophone community broadcasting radio station in Victoria with 23-hour French programming. A lot of work still lay ahead.

French Names on Vancouver Streetscapes

By Maurice Guibord
Vancouver’s Francophone history goes over the heads of many Vancouverites who need to look up to see the French names embedded in the architecture.

Archives & Archivists: Arrow Lakes Historical Society Archives

By Rosemarie Parent; edited by Sylvia Stopforth
One year in the new digs.

Cabinets of Curiosities

By Gisèle Samson
The name Victor G. Brodeur appears on plaques and buildings around Esquimalt, but who was this man and what is his connection to BC?

Every Month

Editor’s Note: More than Voyageurs

by Andrea Lister

From the Book Review Editor’s Desk

by K. Jane Watt
New Books and Old Ways