Submission Guidelines British Columbia History Magazine

All contributors who submit content, including articles and images, to British Columbia History magazine are asked to follow the guidelines below.


  • Before submitting, be sure that you are familiar with the magazine’s current range, approach and style. We suggest that you read one or more current issues cover to cover.
  • Review our Writing Guidelines, Editorial Process, and Legal Information sections, all found by scrolling down this page.
  • Provide your submission in electronic format with file extension .doc or .rtf.
  • Include any citations or supplementary information using endnotes in accordance with the Chicago Manual of Style. Do not insert notes in text.
  • Provide photocopies or scans of research materials you used, referred to or quoted from (e.g., pages from books, documents or journals) for fact-checking purposes.
  • Include images or illustrations with your submission whenever possible (see image guidelines below).
  • Provide a two- or three-sentence biographical note about yourself and any other authors, plus a photo.
  • Email your submission to Andrea Lister, Editor, British Columbia History, at


  • Provide images in .jpg or .tif format, at a minimum resolution of 300 dots per inch (dpi) or a pixel dimension of 1200 by 1500 pixels.
  • Send images as separate files; do not embed them in text.
  • Submit a confirmation of permission for use (or assurance of permission) for each image.
  • Provide image credit information for each image, including museum catalogue number if applicable.
  • Provide a suggested caption for each image.
  • If images require purchase from an institution, send low-resolution images with your submission and include information about the institution and pricing.

 Writing Guidelines

British Columbia History aims to inform and engage readers. We look for articles that provide:

  • new information or perspectives. Your article should present new material or perspectives in a fresh and engaging manner.
  • strong openings. The first few paragraphs of your article must capture readers’ attention and compel them to read on.
  • crisp, clear, concise prose. British Columbia History is not an academic publication. We value descriptive, engaging language. Please avoid jargon, arcane language and inflated prose.
  • accurate information. Our readers are well-informed and expect names, places and dates to be correct and based on credible sources.

Editorial Process

Submissions to British Columbia History are reviewed three times a year by the magazine Readers’ Panel, which assists the Editor in selecting articles that are a good fit for the magazine.

If your manuscript is selected for publication, the Editor will contact you to discuss next steps. Editing is conducted in consultation with authors: major changes will be cleared with authors prior to publication, and authors will be asked to complete a final proof check prior to publication.

Declined submissions may not necessarily lack merit; the magazine may have recently published a similar article, may only be seeking articles that focus on a particular era or subject, or may simply have a full inventory of articles awaiting publication.

Legal Information

Publication Agreement

When an article has been accepted for publication, the author(s) must sign the British Columbia Historical Federation Publication Agreement. This agreement grants the British Columbia Historical Federation (BCHF) first rights to publish your previously unpublished material in North America, or, if your material has been previously published, it grants the BCHF reprint rights to republish that material with a credit to the original publisher.

The Publication Agreement also grants the BCHF the right to publish your work via print or electronic media without payment or royalty; the right to future publication of your work in print and online; assurances against copyright infringement; and a 12-month exclusivity clause for your work, after which all copyright reverts to the author.

The Publication Agreement will be provided to accepted authors by the editorial team.


While copyright in the magazine as a whole is vested in the British Columbia Historical Federation, copyright of individual articles belongs to their respective authors, and copyright of images belongs to their respective image providers as noted.

Articles may be reproduced for personal use only. For reproduction for other purposes, permission in writing of author(s), image provider(s), and/or publisher(s) is required.


The British Columbia Historical Federation assumes no responsibility for statements made by contributors to British Columbia History magazine.