BCHF News #BuyLocal — UBC students wrap up their work with interview

#BuyLocal — UBC students wrap up their work with interview

How has the past been and continues to be represented? Who and what is included/excluded from history? How are the silences, gaps, and absences that shape our understandings of the past addressed in the field of public history?

Four University of British Columbia students from Renisa Mawani’s Sociology 383 course Sociological Methods: Historical Research worked with the BCHF in November 2020, promoting the BCHF #BuyLocal campaign to support local historical societies, archives and museums during the challenging days of COVID-19 pandemic.

BCHF council member Mark Forsythe interviews Refano Evan, Alec Wilson, Makena Zimmerman and Anupriya Dasgupta. Doug Brigham and Shannon Bettles helped with the technical aspects of the video.

Watch the interview here: