BCHF News #BuyLocal — Vancouver Maritime Museum Society

#BuyLocal — Vancouver Maritime Museum Society

—submitted by Refano Evan, Student, University of British Columbia—

Hello, welcome to another week in November. It is almost December — wow has time flown by!  We hope you are staying safe during these times and reaching out to your loved ones.

This week we wanted to highlight one of our awesome historical societies, the Vancouver Maritime Museum Society!

About the Vancouver Maritime Museum

“The Vancouver Maritime Museum (VMM) is the principal maritime museum on the Pacific Coast of Canada, and one of the major maritime museums on the west coast of North America. A member of the Council of American Maritime Museums and the International Congress of Maritime Museums, the Vancouver Maritime Museum interprets the story of Canada’s great Pacific port and its links with the Pacific Rim. The Vancouver Maritime Museum is Greater Vancouver’s link to maritime history, art, culture and technology, relating the past to the present and looking to the future through its programs and exhibitions.”  (VMM, 2006)

The journey to get to where the VMM is today was not a straightforward one.  After the museum endured an electrical fire that caused $400,000 in smoke damages in May 1999, the spirit and community of the people rallied around and for the museum.

Spirited fundraising efforts such as St. Roch Preservation Campaign aimed to re-enact of the ship’s voyages raised a $3.5 million dollar endowment fund.

“By the end of 2000, and the culmination of the 24,000 nautical mile voyage through the Arctic and around North America, the Museum had reached a worldwide audience. In mid-2001, the voyage, which faced incredible financial hurdles, had not brought significant additions to the preservation fund, but it had covered its own costs and brought the Museum a national profile.”  (VMM, 2006)

Home to ships of old and stories of the sea, the VMM is the place to be for any aspiring explorer and brave seamen or seawomen.

Thankfully, the VMM is open and offering both virtual and in-person tours.


The Vancouver Maritime Museum is still open! Visit Thursdays to Sundays from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. They are also open on all statutory holidays (except Christmas).

VMM has new safety and health procedures to ensure that visitors can safely enjoy the museum. Full details can be found here. The Museum encourages visitors to book online to avoid congestion at the front desk.

All there is left to say is YO HO HO and let’s ROW OUR BOATS to the museum everybody!

Virtual Events

The Vancouver Maritime Museum has three fun virtual events coming up right around the corner:

These events are fun for the whole family, and who doesn’t love Mr. Captain Jack Sparrow! Arghhh!!


As always, please remember to support buying and giving local as part of our #BuyLocal campaign here at BCHF.

The Vancouver Maritime Museum Society accepts donations to continue to help support their work in maintaining and preserving collections, which means we are able to remember past vital stories to our history.

You can also even become a member which has its own cool perks. (Psst… You become a little more special…)

Did I hear gift shop?!

Yes, the Vancouver Maritime Museum has its very own one-of-a-kind gift shop for all your sea loving needs. They sell items such as:

  • books
  • jewelry
  • toys
  • kitchenware
  • shopping bags
  • beeswax food wraps
  • water bottles and more!

If your looking for something specific or have any questions please call or email at, 604-257-8300 or email info@vancouvermaritime.com. And guess what they even offer gift certificates in time for the HOLIDAY season!!


The Vancouver Maritime Museum also has an upcoming exhibition coming up very soon!

Lens on Vancouver’s Past: Walter Frost’s Holland America Line (1920-1975)

  • On view December 3, 2020 to February 21, 2021

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the first Holland-America Line (HAL) vessel to arrive at the Port of Vancouver. To mark the occasion, the VMM will host a micro-exhibition of ten photographs of HAL ships taken by Walter Frost.

You can also explore past exhibitions as well!


The Vancouver Maritime Museum is also doing something super creative and cool called #VirtualVMM an online Maritime Museum.

The Vancouver Maritime Museum is committed to remaining available for your pleasure and curiosity despite current restrictions.

Please check out our artifacts and archival materials on our Open Collections website, peruse our online library catalogue or take a  virtual tour of the St. Roch. Enjoy activities for kids, or simply poke around the website. See what we’re sharing on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook