BCHF News Call for digital postcards of BC monuments

Call for digital postcards of BC monuments

BC Studies invites you to participate in a province-wide project to generate a gallery of “digital postcards” that depict “monuments” in diverse areas of British Columbia. What marks public history in your area?

A “monument” is an effigy, sculpture, natural or human-made formation, or landscape that is considered by all or some people to represent commemoration (of the past, a person, an event, a movement, etc.).

A “digital postcard” is a 20 to 30 second video shot by a phone or similar device, that depicts the visual and aural (sound) aspects of the monument.

Please send your digital postcard to leanne@bcstudies.com. Include a 250 to 400 word description of the monument’s context — that is, what you know to be relevant about its location, origin, makers, events or periods in time to which it refers, or current role in the community.

Please feel free to also submit alternative or unofficial expressions of commemoration or “counter-monuments.”

View the gallery of digital postcards.