BCHF News Calling on Libraries!

Calling on Libraries!

NEW! Libraries can now request British Columbia History as part of their RB Digital Magazine package.

With the launch of our online edition British Columbia History, the magazine is now available to more than 2,500 public, corporate, military, and academic library systems through the RB Digital Magazine package.

The quarterly publication is now part of the “world’s largest newsstand” through the Zinio (RB Digital Magazines) newsstand and can be read on a computer or downloaded via the RBDigital app.

Collecting or licensing librarians can now find the magazine on the RB Digital Magazines newsstand and choose to subscribe for their library. If you’d like your library to subscribe — ask them to add it!

About British Columbia History Magazine

British Columbia History is the oldest and most respected historical publication in the province. The magazine traces its roots back to October 1923, when the British Columbia Historical Association — formed in 1922 as the earliest ancestor of today’s Federation — published its First Annual Report and Proceedings. Over time, the publication evolved into British Columbia History magazine. Taken collectively, these publications constitute an outstanding record of the historical development of the province of British Columbia.

Every issue is packed with fresh, engaging, personal and relevant stories about BC and include photographs, maps, illustrations, book reviews and insights into local archives and historical organizations.

The British Columbia Historical Federation (BCHF) encourages interest in the history of British Columbia through research, presentation, and support in its role as an umbrella organization for provincial historical societies. The BCHF currently provides a collective voice for over 100 member societies and 24,000 individuals in the provincial not-for-profit historical sector. We are proud of our history dating back to 1922.